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Advanced, Online Courses on Horn Repertoire & Pedagogy

The University of Horn Matters horn pedagogy and repertoire courses are presented free as an Open Educational Resource (OER) to the horn playing community by Horn Matters.

As some weeks will be of more interest than other weeks to individual readers of Horn Matters, the complete course is outlined below.

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Horn Pedagogy Course

Horn Repertoire Course

These OER courses function as a version of the same courses offered in the horn studio at Arizona State University, initially for the 2012-13 school year and updated every year since, with extensive revisions during 2016-17. They were initially developed by John Ericson after more than fifteen years of teaching similar courses to horn performance majors at the college level. These comprehensive, hybrid courses will open up the topics studied more completely than even the most ideally run live class.

Each week the course typically references readings from as many as 12 articles. These should flow fairly quickly (many can be skimmed quickly) but will give readers a lot to think about as they develop their own view of the bigger picture of horn pedagogy and horn repertoire.


  • The course rolled out over the 2012-13 academic year, with many updates since. We attempt to keep everything working properly, but be aware that some outside links will go bad over time.