Horn Repertoire Week 10: The Early Valved Horn


This week we have one fairly long reading that, with the linked readings, covers a lot of ground!

In addition also check out the reading in the descant and triple horn E-Book on the Schumann Konzertstuck, as if we have time we will also discuss this work and the Adagio and Allegro in class. This additional reading is worth skimming as well:

In that article I note

It is a work that has long interested me; I featured it in my dissertation and also in a later article, “Crooks and the 19th-Century Horn,” The Horn Call 30, no. 1 (November, 1999), this article also being winner of the 2000 Harold Meek Memorial Award of the International Horn Society. (That article content is not easily accessed online at this time and I should go back and convert some of that text into new articles for Horn Matters).

Konzertstuck-snipI love this topic and still should go back and work over the Schumann text for Horn Matters. I could easily spend an entire semester on just the early valved horn. And we will stick with the early valved horn next week, with a focus on the late 19th century.

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This is week 10 of a fourteen week course in horn repertoire, the second semester of a broad overview of horn repertoire, performance, and pedagogy. The introductory article is here, and the series is presented for the educational purposes of our readers.

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