Horn Pedagogy Week 3: Right Hand Position, Fingerings, and Intonation


Three closely related topics are on the agenda for this week. Keeping it simple, all of the readings are from the Hornmasters Series.

A few questions to ponder include:

  • Is there more than one correct way to insert the right hand in the bell?
  • What about young students and the placement of the right hand?
  • Which alternate fingerings do you typically use? Which ones could you consider using more often?
  • Should the two sides of the double horn match for pitch when you tune the horn?
  • Why does a cold horn play flat?

There is a lot of good information in the articles this week with links from most of them to more information. Overall they should be a fairly quick read. Which sets us up for a bit deeper study next week, as our next topic is the embouchure.

But… if you are looking a bit deeper and want more, check out this 1982 survey of horn right hand positions (a two part series/summary is presented online), which will also be discussed in our pedagogy class at ASU.

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This is week 3 of a fourteen week course in horn pedagogy. The introductory article is here, and the series is presented for the educational purposes of our readers. In the spring the present series will be followed by a fourteen week course in horn repertoire.

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