Horn Repertoire Week 4: Review of Literature for Horn in the Baroque Period


This week we get into the first of several readings that were initially posted in 2012 specifically for the repertoire course at ASU. My overview of the horn before 1750 (the very first article in the University of Horn Matters Series) may be accessed here:

A work that will a focus in our initial listening will be the Telemann: Concerto in D, and discussion will also focus this week on other works listed on page 37 of the E-book, Playing Natural Horn Today. And read this brief  article on Telemann and the horn (also linked from the article above).

As a bonus reading, I forgot to post links to two lighter articles from the Hornmasters (but outside of that series) on conductors two weeks ago. They are a quick read, links below:

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This is week 4 of a fourteen week course in horn repertoire, the second semester of a broad overview of horn repertoire, performance, and pedagogy. The introductory article is here, and the series is presented for the educational purposes of our readers.

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