Horn Repertoire Week 3: Introducing the Natural Horn


Understanding the natural horn is a key to understanding the big picture of horn repertoire, so playing the natural horn is our next topic. A brief introduction may be found here:

However, students actually taking this class at Arizona State will need my new E-book Introducing the Natural Horn, and will also for this class session need the pages of Duvernoy exercises and etudes printed out, and their mouthpiece! We will be playing horn in class. The book is introduced here, with a short video for reference:

As I note in the E-book, the natural horn is not for everyone, but it really can be a valuable part of the overall process to working out your horn technique, and certainly in terms of understanding our repertoire it is something you have to have tried to play a little if you are an advanced horn student.

Next week we will begin our look at the horn in the Baroque period. The class as it goes forward also has listening assignments. How readers over the Internet manage this is up to you, but almost everything studied is standard repertoire that may be found on YouTube and many other places. In the live class we will listen to and perform the same excerpts in class.

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This is week 3 of a fourteen week course in horn repertoire, the second semester of a broad overview of horn repertoire, performance, and pedagogy. The introductory article is here, and the series is presented for the educational purposes of our readers.

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