Horn Repertoire Week 15: Final!

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Congratulations! You have made it to the end of an epic year.

Reflecting back on the semester, it was a great exercise for me to put together the full year under the University of Horn Matters banner. I believe it was the best overview of horn pedagogy and repertoire that I have ever taught. I hold it up against anything any other horn professor out there has ever put together, this was about as comprehensive as you could possibly get in two semesters, no gimmicks, tons of great information.

Of course, even with that there is still another level to the topic of horn teaching and horn performance. I hope that those following the course will aim for their own higher level, building on your experiences and on the tools you have gained in this course.

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As to myself, I am inspired to work on re-writing for about the fourth time (!) a large book project this summer. I do have the block of time and I believe I have a lot of the problems and the topics pretty clearly thought out, and I have an idea of a new organizational scheme that will make it something new and distinct among all books published on the horn.

As to the actual Horn Repertoire class this semester at Arizona State, they already have a take home final which I don’t want to give away online! Suffice to say it is based on things we covered and on questions that are related to the graduate comprehensive exams.

Will the live course look the same next year? Probably not, especially the first semester as there really was too much to read and digest. I expect we will use either the draft or the completed version of my big book project, with supplemental readings chosen from the course this year to focus things more.

University-of-Horn-Matters-StoreThank you again for following this course, and I hope that it has made a positive difference in the horn world. And remember, if you followed it all the way from the beginning to end you certainly should purchase some University of Horn Matters gear to celebrate.

This is final article of a fourteen week course in horn repertoire, the second semester of a broad overview of horn repertoire, performance, and pedagogy. The introductory article is here, and the series is presented for the educational purposes of our readers.