Monster Mash Thursday

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A Halloween creature feature.

“I am a big fan of Handel’s Water Music,” says Thursday’s featured monster horn player. “It is my favorite of course.”

Gills and suction cups did not stop this creature from pursuing a life-long dream of playing the horn as a professional. While the traditional valved-horn ultimately proved to be a challenge, the hunting horn was her perfect match.

“Yeah, I got tired of the whole orchestra scene and decided to return to my roots,” she remarked in a recent interview. “Besides,” she adds, “the third horn player was a bit of a letch and I needed to get away from that.”

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The hunting horn has so far been compatible with her return to the harsh life of the tropics. “There is nothing more gratifying than blasting out loud fanfares in the swamp. The alligators love it. Sometimes they sing along!”

We wish her the best.


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