TPTV: Clevenger on Jacobs


An ongoing series of YouTube videos is TubaPeopleTV. Hosted and created by Michael Grose of the University of Oregon, this week the new episode is an interview with horn legend Dale Clevenger on his memories of Arnold Jacobs. Jacobs and Clevenger are both icons of the brass world, making for a doubly interesting topic. From the […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

On Choosing the Right (Natural) Horn and Mouthpiece

This year on my annual recital one work will again be on natural horn. Between my personal instruments and Arizona State I have access to three different natural horns. The work I am performing is in D and those three instruments can be crooked in D at least eight different ways. On top of that […]

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On Oral Cavity Shape and Pitch Level


Recently on the Horn People group a question was posted that related to pitch centering, and what it was getting at I believe was the question of how could pitch level be different between different players playing on the same horn? It is a good question and a ways down into the thread (it had […]

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And more on the Veneklasan Horn


Earlier this year we posted two articles by Walter Hecht on the horns made by Mark Veneklasen. See: Mark S. Veneklasen–Horn Visionary, 1944-2013 More on the Veneklasen V1 and V2 Following up, Hecht has a longer, more definitive article out now “covering all questions I repetitively get on this subject,” that is hosted on the […]

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Brief Reviews: Low Horn Etudes, Intermediate Studies, and Lip Slurs

Up today are three brief reviews of recent horn publications recently received. First up are the 15 Low Horn Etudes by Ricardo Matosinhos. Published in 2013 by Phoenix Music Publications as part of their brass method books series, these etudes (dedicated to Sarah Willis) are challenging and of varied styles. Several are in more of […]

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Press Release: Two Second Editions from Horn Notes Edition

Tempe, AZ, September 12, 2013. Two books, Introducing the Horn and A Mello Catechism, have been released by Horn Notes Edition in second editions in PDF E-Book format. One of its bestselling titles since its release in 2007 has been Introducing the Horn. Although written to be understandable and useful for a younger student that […]

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Tone Down the Electronics to Focus


A blog I follow by a former student (from when I was on the summer faculty of the Brevard Music Center) is Zen and the Art of Horn Playing.  She keeps her identity hidden on the site itself [see UPDATE], so I won’t reveal her full name here, but she recently posted a very nice […]

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