2016 Update: Advertising at Horn Matters


thumbs-resourcesSales-e1414302307455With the 2016 New Year we are offering a new format and pricing structure for our banner ads.

We have had banner ads at Horn Matters for several years now, and after much thought and deliberation we have decided to open up all spots to multiple advertisers and cut prices accordingly.

Flexible locations & prices

In the past, we limited advertising locations to one, single advertiser. If an advertiser happened to acquire the best location, that spot was exclusively reserved for that single advertiser.

This year, we are opening things up and are switching over to a rotating system. Now, ad locations can house multiple ads from different companies. Each ad will display one-at-a-time, in a random order, in a rotation along with other banners.

Since we are taking away the old exclusivity feature, we have also cut prices significantly – roughly 20% overall.

For more information, please take a look at our Advertising page. Look for the big green button to download a PDF of our rates and ad locations.

University of Horn Matters