Birth of a Brass Trio CD: Table for Three


Over the past several months I have posted a series of articles about the production of a new brass trio CD, as I think the process is a bit mysterious to many readers and it is an interesting one.

Table-for-ThreeThe first steps involved exploring potential literature. In our case the very first step was one of my predecessors at Arizona State, Ralph Lockwood, gave me some years ago a set of trio folders for the combination of horn, trombone, and tuba. We ended up recording three of the works that were in those folders (the Bach, Issac, and Schmidt) and the rest are either works we found that worked well or are new arrangements or commissions! But that jumps ahead a bit in the process. We first rehearsed and recorded,

Then we edited….

Then the project was mastered…

And then it went off to Summit Records for production. The full program is:

RAUM Relationships for horn, bass trombone and tuba
GOTTSCHALK The Dying Poet, arr. Geese
REICHA Selections from Trios, Op. 82 and Op. 94, arr. Ericson
HARMON Silhouette
NEHLYBEL Trio, adapted by Douglas Yeo
J.S. BACH Wenn Sorgen auf mich Dringen from Cantata No. 2, arr. Lockwood
SCHMIDT Sonatina
MCMILLIAN Fleeting Visions
ISSAC Selections, trans. Singleton
FERGUSON Table for Three at Chez Janou

And that is a very brief overview of how a CD is made. With there being many people to thank, most especially those being my wonderful colleagues Douglas Yeo and Deanna Swoboda, who perform brilliantly on this recording.

It is just out now, available “everywhere CD’s are sold,” and if you want to buy direct from me I have them at Horn Notes Edition. I believe it is the best brass trio CD out there, if the project sounds interesting give it a listen!

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