On Editing a Brass Trio CD


Back a few months ago I recorded with my colleagues Douglas Yeo and Deanna Swoboda (more here) a brass trio CD. Jumping forward to today we are near the end of the editing process.

trio-recording-sessionThis is my third project where I have been involved at this level and it is such an interesting process, worth briefly describing for those not familiar with it.

After recording the first step is to review all the markings from the producer at the time of recording (Rose French for most tracks) in conjunction with listening again to all the takes. From that a roadmap is developed to bring to the first edit. I mapped out about 2/3 of the tracks and Deanna Swoboda about 1/3 of the tracks.

After the digital editing magic was done with the recording engineer (Clarke Rigsby–Tempest Recording) then we all listened back closely to the first edits. From that I for example have a three page list of things to fix in the second edit which will occur in the next few days. Deanna has her list to address as well.

From there we will listen again (!) to see if there is any new problem that has been created. If so, back for a third edit to fix those.

After the project is to that point there will still be small things we hope can be tweaked in mastering, which will be the topic of a future article. [UPDATE: Read more on this here.]

The other side project for now has been working on the program order and liner notes, which are now done, as is the cover. Things are moving along! Be watching for more details soon.

UPDATE: The CD is out now, more here.

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