Reicha Trios, Horn, Bass Trombone, Tuba


Back in December I posted an article on the Reicha horn trios. In that article I mentioned that I had been looking at these recently (and arranging them [UPDATE: now published]) for performance with my ASU faculty colleagues Douglas Yeo (bass trombone) and Deanna Swoboda (tuba). In preparation for our initial performance of these works we performed a set of them for the trombone studio class, which was recorded. It came out quite well; below is our version of five of the Reicha horn trios! (The direct link is here).

ASU-brass-trio-snipBoth after this class and after the performance at the MIM audience members commented very positively on the sound and blend of the combination of instruments. I look forward to performing more often with Yeo and Swoboda, we have a number of works in the folder that will work well for our combination of instruments. And check out the same YouTube channel for more ASU trombone (and tuba) related videos.

UPDATE: These trios were subsequently recorded on our CD Table for Three (more here) and have now been published as an E-publication by Horn Notes Edition. From the listings there,

Anton Reicha composed a large number of chamber works including a set of 24 horn trios for natural horns (Op. 82) that are well known among horn players and 12 more trios for two horns and bassoon (Op. 93). A number of these trios are particularly suitable for transcription for a trio of horn, trombone (or bass trombone), and tuba. These suites are as recorded on the Summit CD Table for Three, assembled by combining works from both of Reicha’s trio sets to provide key, tempo and musical interest. 35 pages in a convenient PDF E-book format which prints easily or may be read directly on any E-reader device (iPad, etc.).

reicha op.82 no.11 rev001These works sound great and play well with trio of horn, trombone, and tuba…

UPDATE II (2018): … but are now out of print. I could bring them back, but it was disappointing to see so few sales after all the effort toward arrangements that really worked well.

Which is all to say also, if there are publications that are of interest to you from any publisher, buy them! Without sales they will go off the market and out of business.

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