Internet Memes ‘Sad Keanu’ and ‘Strutting Leo’ with French Horns, I

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In online imageboard communities like Reddit, Tumblr and 4chan, running sight-gags and humor based on popular culture sometimes catch on like wildfire and become widely recognizable. Known as memes, they typically take on a life of their own as more and more people with Photoshop skills join in on the fun.

Two popular photo-based memes known as “Sad Keanu” and “Strutting Leo” for example, refer to the famous Hollywood actors Keanu Reeves and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The original photographs taken by paparazzi.


Today (and on Friday) these memes are given the Horn Matters treatment, with French horns being added to the mix.

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* * *

Sad Keanu waits in the hallway for his audition number to be called.  Waiting is the worst part, he thinks to himself.

Keanu waits at an audition.

* * *

Strutting Leo on stage, happily demonstrates the “Eastman grip” for adoring fans.

Leo rocks on.

* * *

Sad Keanu blows his big chance at first horn. Poor guy.

Keanu blows his big chance at first horn.

* * *

Leo… well, he marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Leo in a marching band.

* * *

Keanu trys to enjoy some quiet-time, reading a horn-related book in the park.

Sad Keanu at the park.

* * *

Leo, spotted at the scene of an incident.

Leo at the scene of a crime.

* * *

More in Part II.

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