Random Monday: Legends

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Interview with Jule Landsman
At Angela’s Horn Studio (a new site by Angela Cordell Bilger), the much-revered Julie Landsman is interviewed.

Music makes wine better

Franz-Michael Mayer, a winemaker who works with Bachmann, played a sampling of waltzes and polkas performed by the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra into his semillon wine for about three weeks.

I get the sense it tastes different, good,” the soft spoken Mayer said as he relished a sip of the golden liquid in a centuries-old wine cellar. “I’m so convinced that I’m ready to continue next year.


A few of you might remember those Ernest and Julio Gallo wine commercials from the late 1980’s. Orson Welles narrated with strains of the Mozart 3rd horn concerto in the background.

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Accompanist abuse
Do you wait until the last minute to get music to your recital accompanist? You might be an accompanist abuser. Seek help immediately with this quiz.

The hidden price of freelancing
With gas prices going up in America, freelancers who drive a lot are feeling the pinch in their wallets. Drew McManus reminds us to think about this hidden cost when accepting work; he offers this handy gig calculator.

Poll results
While no definite results can be gleaned from an informal poll, it does seem like a lot of horn players drive while buzzed – buzzing their mouthpiece, that is.

Where’s the beat?
While we might all have heard of tone deafness, there is apparently another similar malady called beat deafness.

Under pressure
The mouthpiece rim in part functions as a muscle isolator. An article called “Mouthpiece Pressure Myths” reminds us of a few things, including that a certain amount mouthpiece pressure is in fact required in order to play high notes.

Maazel’s tirade
Terry Johns shares more details in his nasty encounter with a belligerent Maestro.

The story of Haley Hoops
A horn player in Dallas talks about her native town, Detroit.

Random videos

I highly recommend this seven-part series on conductor Carlos Kleiber – a very interesting character and a favorite conductor of mine. His hands are unsurpassed, I believe, in expressing a line.

Below is part one of the series.

* * *

In a television program from 1959 featuring the Miles Davis Quintet and the Gil Evans Orchestra, we get to see Julius Watkins in action. Unfortunately the camera does not focus much on the French horns, but we get to hear some legendary players all in one session.

* * *

Here is Willie Ruff with the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra (1964).

* * *

An enthusiasm for staccato…?

* * *

Dogs and horns.

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