Horns as Stage Props, II (Sgt. Pepper)

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Recently I purchased an interesting photograph on eBay of a famous musician playing the French horn – John Lennon of Beatles fame. According to the description, this photograph was taken at the Abbey Road studios around the time that the Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club album was being produced.

This was the main reason this photograph caught my attention. It corresponds to Lennon’s picture on the cover on the Sgt. Pepper album itself where each band member is holding an instrument.

  • John – a French horn
  • Ringo – a trumpet
  • Paul – an English horn
  • George – a fife

I probably paid way too much for the photo, but it does look nice next to my TIME cover of Jussi Bjorling blowing Siegfried’s horn and Max Pottag in an old radio advertisement.

Incidentally, this album would have been in play at about the same time as Wizzard’s catchy tune.

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