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iStock_000003198608XSmallAs the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”

Combining the Horn Notes Blog and Horndog Blog into one resource, Horn Matters is a new collaborative project between old colleaguesmyself and John Ericson.

We have carefully gone through all our old content and have done some pruning and sprucing to preserve a good quality of useful articles. Our combined effort (to date) amounts to a huge library of over 800 entries that cover a wide variety of topics.

John and I are aiming to make this site a preeminent resource, and as it takes flight and moves forward we will be announcing exciting new features and expansions.

» Internet Explorer 6!

Users of Internet Explorer 6 are highly encouraged to update their browsers to the latest Chrome, Safari, IE8 or Firefox browser.
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To take advantage of the latest trends in coding and web design, this site has been optimized for newer browsers. For IE6 in particular, this site will not work as intended. An alternative version of Horn Mattersis in the works for IE6, but it is not a priority.

Alternatively, IE6 users may subscribe via RSS and circumvent this issue.

» Out with the old, in with the new

While new materials will no longer be published at either the Horn Notes Blog or Horndog Blog, all remaining content will stay online — for the time being. In some cases, links within the imported content here may reference back to these old sites.

There may be some chinks in the armor here that we are not aware of. If you are experiencing problems, please make note of them in the comments below.

Because John and I will be writing here exclusively, please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds accordingly. In time, the old sites will be phased out.

Thanks for reading — please enjoy and participate in our new site!

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