Rebranding a Dream


Not just for symphony orchestras & brands of soda.

A recent article by Mitch York at presents a nice lesson for us on the topic of pursuing an occupation you love as opposed to one that you do for a living. With art and culture in trouble (especially here in Arizona) this kind of news is very nice to hear.

In many scenarios, a trained musician gives up their dream of a music career for something else. In this story however, it goes in the opposite direction.

One meeting, which was fairly typical, was with a young woman who had been recently laid off from a position at a New York bank. She didn’t have a clear idea of what to do next.

Turns out she graduated from a major New York music school 10 years ago as an accomplished French horn player. She also teaches music to several students on the side. A little further into our conversation I learned that she loves to teach music and is passionate about it.

What I like about this article is that the author channeled the woman’s energy of music and helping children into a specific field. In this case, music therapy.

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