Exercise: Beefers


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Someday I hope to revise these – they need much revision but for now here they are with the caveat that it is not perfect. These exercises I call “beefers” because they are lip slurs that always start on the B-flat horn. Students of Louis Stout might recognize these.

For intermediate and beginners students I like to play along with them, choosing opposing notes so that we are in harmony.

Most beginning band students play nothing but unison band pieces for the first year. Playing these exercises in harmony with students early on introduces and prepares them to the concept of playing harmony. For beginning horn players, who might play for days on incorrect partials while attempting harmony in full band, this kind of training in private lessons helps. I usually spend 10 minutes – sometimes more – of each 30 minute lesson playing “beefers” in harmony with beginning students.

Exercise: Beefers

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