PSA on Horn Sections Sitting Backwards


We all know that the standard arrangement of horn sections has the players blowing down the section from the first horn. In other words, from the audience, the section would look 4-3-2-1-A (A being the assistant, if utilized). The second horn is to the right of the first horn player, in other words. If in […]

On Mastering a Brass Trio CD


Back in the Spring I recorded a brass trio CD with ASU colleagues Douglas Yeo and Deanna Swoboda. After editing the project thoroughly (more here) the next step is mastering. The last project I was involved with mastering was my Canto CD back in 2005. My main take-away from mastering that and my other solo […]

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The Non-Controversial Article


It is great that there is something we can all agree upon: (Unless you are from the grammar police). Play pretty and remember that Horns Rule. For more Hornist Hamsters memes see

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Unboxing the Houghton H3, and Initial Impressions

IMGP4973 (2)

If you follow the horn and use Facebook you probably have noted that Houghton Horns has a new line of horn mouthpieces coming out soon (more here). While they are a Horn Matters advertiser, I was following the development of this line for other reasons and was very interested to see the H3 model as I did […]

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On Editing a Brass Trio CD


Back a few months ago I recorded with my colleagues Douglas Yeo and Deanna Swoboda (more here) a brass trio CD. Jumping forward to today we are near the end of the editing process. This is my third project where I have been involved at this level and it is such an interesting process, worth […]

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Editorial: Social Media and #IHS46

Rachel-3-photo 3

Explore the hashtag #IHS46 on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, social media coverage of the event was pretty disappointing. As participants return home more is showing up on personal pages, but during the event in particular social media was sparse. From 2008 to 2013 I was honored to serve on the Advisory Council of the International […]

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On Not Distracting Other Players


This is the final article I will be posting from the archive of the original Horn Notes Blog, originally dated 7/17/05 and posted with the title “Oh ****” Any horn player who is any good more than likely has a bit of a perfectionist streak in them. We just hate to make mistakes. This is […]

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