Introducing the French Horn Warmup Collection

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With the summer project of converting my E-book publications back to being available in print versions, there were sections of several books that I wanted to compile together for my students to use, related to warming up. Then a thought occurred, why not pull them together as a separate publication? I had drafts of a warmup book back in 2016, related to warming up to improve intonation, but had abandoned the project.

The result of this late summer work is I was able to bring together a new publication that will hopefully generate some interest, The French Horn Warmup Collection. From the product description,

The topic of warming up needs little introduction; hornists who wish to excel should plan to warm up every time they get the horn out of the case to play. This practical and effective collection brings together the warmup materials and technical exercises presented in four recent publications — Introducing the Horn, A Mello Catechism, The Low Horn Boot Camp, and Playing Descant and Triple Horns – with additional exercises designed for the improvement of breathing and intonation.

One footnote on the edition, the cover is unique but maintains the “family” look of the series, as I was able to use an image I had created for possible cover usage back in 2007 but I did not use at that time.

It is available inexpensively in Kindle and print formats, worldwide. For links to purchase visit the Horn Notes Edition website, or search for me or the publications by title on Amazon.

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