Growth Mindset and the horn player


The latest episode of the Horn Notes Podcast is out, and the topic is Growth Mindset. Guest for this episode is Nicole Deuvall, a former student of mine at ASU who is now focusing on the topic for her Doctoral project at UMKC.

One part of Growth Mindset that is interesting to me is how it answers the questions of why some players, very talented, do not get far in a playing career, and others of maybe less basic talent actually go further. At the root, one thing to understand is that those without a Growth Mindset hit plateaus and barriers and think that is all they can do, while those with a Growth Mindset will hit the same barriers and think to themselves that this is something they just cannot do yet.

An additional initial point to mention is that the above totally illustrates how teachers have the ability to cultivate a Growth Mindset or to give students complexes and barriers to advancement. Yes, there are challenges, but you just are not able to do those things yet.

Listen to the podcast for more! This is a very interesting topic, and for me personally Growth Mindset puts an extra layer of clarity into several of my prior articles, well worth reviewing again with this new viewpoint:

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