Episodes 25-27 of the Horn Notes Podcast, interesting new horn products and much more


Episode 27 of the Horn Notes Podcast was recently posted, an interview with Ion Balu and Dan Vidican focusing on their new horns but also much more (Oil your valves! Don’t hike without water!).

As with prior episodes, this podcast may be downloaded from iTunes, etc., or may be accessed directly here:

In checking Horn Matters I realized that I had somehow neglected to also highlight episodes 25 and 26. This pair of episodes features a conversation with Derek Wright of Houghton Horns.

As to the “more” of episode 25, not only do we talk about new products seen at TMEA 2018 (BAM cases, Verus mouthpieces and horns, etc.), but also there is a second guest, Warren Gref, formerly of the San Diego Symphony, with great ideas to improve musicality and accuracy on the horn.

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My goal is to be informative and entertaining. Check them all out! And be watching for more episodes, I plan to be posting about one a month during the school year.

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