Now available: The Low Horn Boot Camp, second edition


Continuing the series of updated editions, today the focus is on the updated and expanded second edition of The Low Horn Boot Camp. The original edition (2016) clearly was seeing use in the horn world, and with this update there are more Bordogni vocalises, the text is considerably longer,** and there are exercises and more! Purchase for $5.99 here

The Low Horn Boot Camp, second edition

A volume of effective materials for initial low horn study, this expanded second edition includes text on low range development and a special edition of the classic Bordogni Vocalises. This version is based on a 19th century vocal edition by Ferdinand Gumbert, presented in low treble clef and low bass clef. The low bass clef version is a fourth lower than that widely used on the trombone, with the low treble clef version providing a logical stepping stone toward developing the lowest range of the horn.

As with the other new editions in this series, this is a Kindle ePublication. There are many pages of music, so this publication was set up so that it can be opened outside of a Kindle as a PDF, using for example the program Calibre. From there it will be simple to print anything you wish. Check out this book! These really are effective materials for low horn study.

**Students of mine will know, sometimes I refer to my “big book” project, sort of an ultra Farkas book (at one point the working title was Beyond Farkas), which has gone through a number of drafts over more than ten years. As of now, that project is officially abandoned — and the new low horn text and exercises in this new edition are from that project. Some elements were incorporated into all the new eBook editions actually, with long sections in particular making their way into the mellophone book, which will be out soon.

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