New editions of Introducing the Horn and Playing Descant and Triple Horns


In December I looked back at a year of sales and decided it was time for some updated editions and a change in marketing strategy.

The big issue was that I felt I was missing sales opportunities due to not having a way to sell my E-books on Amazon. They were simply were not formatted for it. But any issue is an opportunity; the solution was to lay out the books, which were my best selling items, in new editions, they were all due for updates.

There were quite a few technical hurdles to overcome, but they were resolved, with the first two out now and four more new editions coming soon. Descriptions are below, and be watching for more titles (more info here) in this series of Kindle ePublications. 

Introducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their Teachers, third edition
Covers the range of performance-related topics that are the most essential in giving a new hornist a good start. This updated edition is a great resource for beginners and for those converting to the horn, with information also of use to intermediate and advancing hornists. In addition, supplemental text is presented which is directed toward current and future instrumental music educators, and presents practical information that will serve to augment materials used in horn methods classes. Purchase on Amazon for $3.99

Playing Descant and Triple Horns, second edition
A practical introduction to descant and triple horns, tools available to the modern hornist for more secure high range performance. This volume covers many topics related to these instruments including fingerings, mouthpiece choices, and music to study and perform, while also touching on the history of the instruments. This second edition includes expanded coverage related to high range production along with tips and excerpts from important solos and orchestral works. Purchase on Amazon for $5.99

And for those wondering how they will print out the exercises, this descant/triple horn book was set up so that it can be opened outside of a Kindle as a PDF, using for example the program Calibre. From there it will be simple to print anything you wish.

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