And now, A Mello Catechism, third edition


Of all my publications, I think the one that has mystified the most people has been the mellophone book. I even thought about dropping it from my line of publications, it badly needed updates, but it was a steady seller and, at the same time, serves a niche market that the world has otherwise ignored.

Look at it this way. From my perspective, as a horn teacher, the mellophone is a gateway instrument to the horn. As such, it needs to be better taught and needs published resources. This new third edition of A Mello Catechism** has been updated extensively. Probably 1/4 of the old content was cut, but more than 1/3 of the book is now brand new content, which has transformed it from a somewhat quirky original edition into something closer to “The Art of Mellophone Playing.

A wide audience of potential readers (especially those new to the mellophone and hoping to build up their skills) will find much content of use to them. And it is available now on Amazon for only $3.99!

A Mello Catechism: A Guide to the World of Mellophones and Marching Horns, third edition

The mellophone is widely used today as a substitute for the horn in marching bands and drum corps. This unique publication presents information in a question and answer format on mellophone history, related middle-brass instruments, mouthpiece choices, range development, tone quality, intonation, fingering charts, warmup, coping with marching, and much more. This updated edition also includes materials of interest to music educators and horn teachers with limited mellophone experience.

Finally, as with the other new editions in this series, this is a Kindle ePublication. There are a number of pages of music (for example, exercises for double and triple tonguing), so this publication was set up so that it can be opened outside of a Kindle as a PDF, using for example the program Calibre. From there it will be simple to print anything you wish. Check out this book!

**And, as I note in the book itself, a catechism is a “book for religious instruction, esp. by questions and answers.” This volume is a book of questions and answers on all things mellophone.

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