Horn Matters People of the Year: Horn People


The Horn Matters People of the Year award goes to Horn People, a group that has hugely impacted the horn world in recent years.

If you don’t know what Horn People is, you should check it out here:

It is a Facebook group, the largest group of all the horn groups on Facebook. The Horn People group as of this writing has over 13,000 members, that number being about 1,500 more than the number of fans of the International Horn Society on Facebook and nearly double the number of fans for Horn Matters! Not to mention also that the IHS itself actually only has 3,500+ members, Horn People has them beat by close to 10,000! Plus, if you are an older timer and remember the Yahoo Horn List (it still exists), Horn People has completely replaced the old E-mail based horn discussion groups.

Congratulations to their admins for making the group possible and for keeping it functioning well! A wide variety of topics have been covered and are covered literally every day in lively (and searchable) ongoing discussions, making it the first choice of many for horn information. Besides news and chat, people use it for free advertising and self-promotion, stuff that might have been done on websites or blogs in the recent past.

It will be interesting to watch in coming years to see how the horn world evolves. Facebook has changed the game in fact, in many ways; the days of blogs and websites (and journals, even) being prime resources are probably numbered.

To close, from the above brief commentary, it should be evident that Horn People has changed our horn world deeply, probably more deeply than readers might realize. What the future holds exactly for the horn on the Internet who knows, but in terms of today Horn People clearly are the Horn Matters People of the Year, and we congratulate them.

University of Horn Matters