20th century horn favorites 2: Schmid and Cooke


Continuing this brief series looking at 20th century works I chose to include on my Canto CD, next up is Im Tiefsten Walde, Op. 34, No. 4 of H. K. Schmid. Dating to 1921, this work I first heard on an album I picked up as an undergrad (Caswell Neal, Virtuoso Romantic Horn Masterpieces), and subsequently played on my senior recital. The title translates as “in the deepest forest,” this is a wonderful little piece to relax to.

Moving ahead almost 30 years, next up is the Rondo in Bb by Arnold Cooke. This work dates to 1950 and functions well as a recital opener.

When the series concludes the featured work will be a wonderful sonata.

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