Video Podcasts with Rose French — new publications and enterprise

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UPDATE 2017: These have now also been posted to iTunes; see for more information on this and other episodes of the Horn Notes Podcast.

Now out in the Horn Notes Video Podcast series are a pair of interviews with Rose French.

The first one is on her new and recent publications, Rangesongs for Horn and The Horn Player’s Songbook, available from Mountain Peak Music. When Rangesongs came out we did a print interview as well (which can be read here). I think the interview below opens up some new details on that publication, and both are interesting publications to be sure!

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The other podcast is focused on her recent enterprising activities including the Mill Avenue Chamber Players and more. It touches on topics we addressed in a print interview a few years ago (which can be read here), but with a focus on her current activities.

Podcast-snip-articleMore interviews of this type are planned. I am happy with how these two came out and do be looking for more.

A direct link to these videos and more may be accessed here.

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