On the single F horn, part VII: Progress!


When I last posted about my current CD project in September (here), things seemed to be moving along well and actually they were. Then things got busy professionally and personally, various things slowed me down. But progress was being made slowly and finally the project is nearing completion.

IMG_0931This photo was taken during mastering the project and I must say I am very happy with how the project has turned out. Everyone needs to hear it!

For those curious, the project now has a title, Rescued! Which relates to the theme of the CD, I have recorded a group of forgotten works for horn and piano (but all are on ISMLP) that I feel really deserve to be performed today, and I recorded them on a period instrument. The sound is distinctive I think in a very good way, I do hope you will check it out when it is finally released. The program notes begin:

Rescued! celebrates the forgotten works of a group of 19th-century hornists and composers. The music included in this recording was composed between roughly 1860 and 1910 and are quality works aimed primarily at low horn players of the late 19th century who still used single F horns.

I still have some loose ends to tie up (such as finalize the cover) but finally will have time to do this after the semester ends. It won’t be long! Be watching for this to be out soon.

UPDATE: And … I am such an optimist. Originally I was going to self-release this, but then went looking at options for CD labels and finally went “home” to Summit, who I am confident will do a great job! Won’t be long now ….

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