New Publication: 12 Modern Preparatory Etudes


Available now from Horn Notes Edition is the first of several publications for 2016, a group of twelve etudes I have composed in a modern style.


These new etudes are intended to fill a gap in the horn etude literature, functioning as a concise, modern version of the classic Schantl/Pottag book of Preparatory Melodies.

What I had noticed after years of teaching horn at the college level was that the jump from the typical 19th-century technical etude to those of Reynolds and Schuller was too large. Clearly there was a need for a short group of etudes to bridge that gap, etudes that were easier and shorter than the typical modern studies. Years of looking told me that there was no material available that could provide the bridge that was needed, and I took on the challenge to create the needed materials.

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The etudes are by design short and can be learned relatively quickly. Various technical issues are a focus, but the goals overall are accuracy and to prepare students toward playing more difficult 20th-century etudes and musical works of a similar character.

This group of etudes are a concise, ten page E publication and may be purchased directly through the Horn Notes Edition website, where you can also view sample pages:

(Sharp readers will recall a preliminary version was posted to Horn Matters as a free download last year; that version is now history, this is the definitive version which may be expanded at some future date into a longer collection).

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