A Wagner Tuba Mouthpiece


Sticking with the general topic of the article last week, the Wagner tuba, today we have an oddity, a Wagner tuba mouthpiece.

Decker-Model-T-mouthpieceExhibit “A” is this Mirafone Decker model T Wagner tuba mouthpiece from the 1980s. It is solid nickel silver (which is somewhat unique in itself–it is not plated) and very cool looking, turned to look like a miniature tuba mouthpiece with a horn rim and stem.

It fits and works well on our ASU Mirafone Wagner tubas, with a shank well sized to the instruments, but as I note in the text of my book on the Wagner tuba,

While the appearance is rather different, aside from outer shape, the mouthpiece itself is the equivalent of a large horn mouthpiece. This model works very well on Wagner tubas, but no better than any other similar sized horn mouthpiece with a well fitting shank.

Decker-Model-D-mouthpieceI also have a Mirafone Decker model D descant horn mouthpiece that is made from the same blank shape and it also works well on our tuben. I do love the look, but standard horn mouthpieces really do work fine, speaking generally, on Wagner tubas. This photo shows that cup and also the Wagner tuba mouthpiece from the rim end.

While this particular model is long off the market, it should be mentioned that Wagner tuba mouthpieces are still made; for example Moosewood has a WT model listed, #6 bore with a deep cup.

To hear a Wagner tuba and learn more about my book/E-book on the topic see this article.

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