Playing Natural Horn Today, a new E-Book


One of the purposes behind the original Horn Notes Blog was to promote my publications. This purpose has been minimized as Horn Matters has developed over time from blog content to more of an online magazine format, and recently we have moved toward the development of substantial new Open Education Resources on the horn as well. However, today Horn Matters returns to its blog roots to highlight the first of several new and upcoming E-Book publications in PDF format from Horn Notes Edition.

UPDATE 2018: This is now available in a second edition: purchase it on Amazon for $4.99 here

Playing Natural Horn Today is a concise new method for the natural horn, developed with the needs of horn players in mind. Published in an E-Book in PDF format only by Horn Notes Edition, the method is focused toward introducing the natural horn effectively to players who already play the valved horn and wish to learn the older instrument.

Topics covered in Playing Natural Horn Today include equipment choices and hand positions, presented in a practical manner. Short exercises and etudes are included to build technique. Finally, with some technique learned, you can apply natural horn technique to great music.

This new publication is an ideal resource for the modern horn student who wants to learn to play the natural horn. It may be purchased as a secure download for only $10.99 [2nd edition is now $4.99!], and is described further in the video below (direct link here), in which author John Ericson demonstrates exercises from the book and other works that you can play on the natural horn.

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