11 Horn-tastic TV Themes

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With apologies to RSS readers (who need to click through to hear the audio), today’s post is a restoration of some files that were previously lost.

Xena Warrior Princess – 1995
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Odd meters, battle cries and strains of the Bulgarian women who were very popular at about the same time.

Fantasy Island – Final Season

Richard Strauss meets overtones of Mahler 6th symphony.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Horns are in charge. Oh yeah, there’s a singer too.

Little House on the Prairie – 1979

A “lone wolf” horn solo introduces the plains of the American Midwest in the pioneer days. Children are playing in the tall grass on a sunny day.


A cool-headed detective with a pipe and the smarts to get the job done. (thanks to Fred Richardson)

The Tony Randall Show

A judge in Philadelphia with some eccentric quirks. Listen for a tip of the hat to Till Eulenspiegel.

North and South

A long mini-series on the war between the Union and the Confederates. (thanks to ‘Termo Man’)

Black Beauty

A horse, of course. (thanks to ‘Termo Man’)


Star Trek Voyager
I never watched the show, but always loved this theme.

Falcon Crest
A nightime soap drama.

‘Cause everything’s big in Texas.