Review: Steve Park on YouTube


A YouTube channel of interest.

With a little creativity and technology it is possible to make some very nice presentations and put them online for the world to see.

Steve Park, principal horn of the Orchestra at Temple Square and an instructor at Utah State University, cleverly demonstrates this in his growing library of YouTube videos. Since December 2008, he has been regularly posting videos of solo and ensemble repertoire in his YouTube channel.

By virtue of the format — the same horn player playing every part — I would challenge anyone to find a more in tune and uniform performance of the Schumann Konzertstuck for Four Horns and Orchestra. Mr. Parks utilizes some very slick video production, playing every part while accompanied by a virtual orchestra. The overall effect is pretty impressive.

With each video, his production polish just gets better and better. This Konzertstuck is among his latest.

Probably my favorite video is his performance of the Hunter’s Moon by Gilbert Vinter. This is an excellent recital piece that is often neglected.

From the perspective of academic student recruitment, Mr. Parks channel is an excellent idea. Without saying a word he demonstrates strong horn playing and musicianship, and even a sense of silly humor, with the occasional costume, funny hat or wig.

For the technology-savvy music student of today, these videos have tremendous appeal.

University of Horn Matters