French Horns in ToonTown

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Photos from Disneyland.

In the area of Disneyland called ToonTown, there is a fun fountain in the central plaza with a few funny horn-related sculptures.

Here are a few close-up pictures:

Below is an embedded medallion on the sidewalk surrounding the fountain. Like the photo above, I am not sure if it represents a horn or a tuba, but it is cute nevertheless.

Inside Mickey Mouse’s house, he has an impressive collection of instruments, including a cannon for the occasional performance of 1812 Overture or Wellington’s Victory.

Maybe on the top shelf there is a Hammer of Fate for Mahler’s Sixth?

In ToonTown, it was great fun to hear hyperactive renditions of classical favorites playing everywhere in the background. The arranger of these tunes did a very nice job; I got a few giggles just from listening to them while we were walking around.

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