The $50,000 Alexander Uberhorn


One of my DMA students sent me the link to this eBay auction tonight, for a rare Alexander that can be yours for only $50,000! Check out the link before the auction closes to get in on the action:

UPDATE: To give you a hint of what the uberhorn (actually, universal horn, my student came up with the uberhorn term) can do, it is an instrument that could be set up as a double horn in basically any two keys from high F to low F and much more! Check out the big photos. It is a rare collectible to be sure but I have to think if this was a really good idea in horn design that more than three would have been made. Hurry, the auction closes today! Only $1,500 for shipping!

UPDATE II: It did not sell!!! ;-(

It would be interesting to try this one out, to see if it is possible to miss notes on it or not.

UPDATE III: It is back! Bid or buy it now for $45,000! See

UPDATE IV: No bids again! Maybe it is not worth as much as the owners feel it is.

UPDATE V: I added an image of this instrument from the site. All kidding aside, this is an interesting instrument and concept, and as this page remains one of the more frequently visited on the site perhaps there is a market for something of this general type.

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