Trompes de Chasse vs. Telemann


Last night a video link was posted to the Horn People group that caught my attention, a group of  Trompes de Chasse performing Telemann with organ. The performers are listed on YouTube as Organ – Christine Pagès and Trompes - Christian Conte, Piet Luyckx, and Benoît d’Ydewalle. The video did not start any discussion overnight but I […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

On “Schubert’s ‘Auf Dem Strom’ and Horn Technique in the 1820s”


This week a focus for me has been preparing the first of the three sessions I will present at the upcoming International Horn Symposium, “Schubert’s ‘Auf Dem Strom’ and Horn Technique in the 1820s.” A half hour session on Tuesday, for a preview, of sorts, two articles on Horn Articles Online have some of the […]

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Advertisement Preview: Horn Matters in the IHS 45 Program Guide

Horn Matter Ad IHS 45

In about one month the 45th International Horn Symposium will begin in Memphis, Tennessee at the University of Memphis. In order to help support this event and spread the word, we have had an IHS 45 banner ad at Horn Matters, located at top right, for many months. For the actual event in Memphis, a full-sized program […]

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A Masterclass with Philip Farkas on Musicianship for IHS Memphis


This summer I am presenting three sessions at the IHS symposium in Memphis, and this week the major project was organizing my materials for my Thursday session, “A 1989 Masterclass with Philip Farkas (1914-1992) on Musicianship.” Several years ago I posted briefly about the original session on which this is based. In brief, in the […]

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A 1982 Horn Right Hand Position Survey: Part II, a few Things I Learned


As I write this I am still organizing the data from this survey for the IHS Symposium presentation (and future submission for consideration for publication in The Horn Call), but there are some preliminary things I can share that I learned. Following along further in the questions after the one highlighted in Part I, the very […]

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Clevenger on How Many Auditions, and How Many it Took Me


The horn world has been abuzz for the past few weeks with the retirement of Dale Clevenger from the Chicago Symphony, who served as Principal Horn from 1966-2013. Of the interesting links and articles I have seen among the more interesting to me was a by a retired psychologist in Chicago, Gerald Stein. He is […]

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A 1982 Horn Right Hand Position Survey: Part I, The Basics


I will be presenting three sessions at the upcoming IHS International Horn Symposium, and the next three weeks I plan to spend a week focusing on each to prepare them all. First up on my agenda is a survey on right hand position. Back in 1982 one of my predecessors at Arizona State University Ralph […]

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