Hornmasters Extra: Harry Berv


Working on the articles that became the “Hornmasters” series in Horn Matters, one name and method that had been unfamiliar to me was that of Harry Berv. Just a few days ago a fascinating remembrance of Berv by a former student was posted, and to begin, I highly recommend reading this article! It is a […]

Mailbag: Can I use a Single F to Practice Natural Horn?

A question I have been asked a number of times is along the general lines of can I use a single F horn to practice natural horn? Or, alternately, can I have the valves removed from a single F and use that as a natural horn? The answer is yes, but with some major qualifications: […]

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On Testing a New or Used French Horn


One topic that comes up often is that of testing new and used horns, a good topic and one I have not written about in any depth. Before I get to my thoughts though, there is a two part article by Bruce Hembd on the topic in Horn Matters, it starts here and is well […]

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Random Monday: Giving, Receiving and Taking Away

Araya - Siegfried

Rather than break the pattern of past history, I decided instead to resume the “Random” series back to the semi-traditional day of Monday. Here is what is out there: * * * Fund raising for a donation drive A well-known freelancer in the Chicago area needs your help. The financial burden of Stage Two cancer […]

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Hornist Motivations: Bucket Lists, etc.


A post yesterday on the Hornisten der Berliner Philharmoniker Facebook page brought to mind a point worth making about motivations for horn players. The specific post was a short video of a third horn excerpt from Gurrelieder by Schoenberg. This is a work that has long been on my bucket list. Gurrelieder, for those unaware, is a […]

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TPTV: Thomas Jostlein on Jacobs


Another installment of TPTV came out this week, this time featuring hornist Thomas Jostlein. His name has been on our minds here at Arizona State as we are playing his Campbell Fanfare on a concert next week. A former member of the New York Philharmonic among others, the description of the video is as follows: St. […]

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The Annual “Best Schools for Horn Study” Article

It is that time of year! The question always comes up about the best schools for horn study. I have taken a stab at answering this question a number of times in varying formats: What [Type of] School is Best for Horn Study? (2004) Thoughts on Choosing a School for Advanced Horn Study (2008) Auditioning […]

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