Press Release: Two Second Editions from Horn Notes Edition

Tempe, AZ, September 12, 2013. Two books, Introducing the Horn and A Mello Catechism, have been released by Horn Notes Edition in second editions in PDF E-Book format. One of its bestselling titles since its release in 2007 has been Introducing the Horn. Although written to be understandable and useful for a younger student that […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

Tone Down the Electronics to Focus


A blog I follow by a former student (from when I was on the summer faculty of the Brevard Music Center) is Zen and the Art of Horn Playing.  She keeps her identity hidden on the site itself [see UPDATE], so I won’t reveal her full name here, but she recently posted a very nice […]

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Press Releases for September 2, 2013: IHCA Winners and Horn Hangouts


The International Horn Competition of America was held this past weekend in Louisville, KY, and [UPDATED] the official press release of the results is below. Announcing the Prize Winners of the 2013 International Horn Competition of America, Professional Division: First Prize, $2,500 – Haley Hoops (Othmar Schoeck concerto) Second Prize, $1,000 – Mary Beth Orr […]

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Hook up your Low Range


Every year after ensemble placement auditions at ASU thoughts will come to mind. I was really happy overall with the quality and results of the auditions, but as I reflect on them a theme has been low range power. In short, you have to have some power in the low range and it is a […]

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Alphorn World Record!


Yesterday a world record was smashed! The old record was 366 alphorns, but according to Reuters, “508 players broke a record set in 2009.” Read the full story here, with a great overall photo of the world record group. I got to the article via Facebook (hat tip to TM), and was particularly interested see […]

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Twelve Characteristics that Define Great Hornists


This next year I plan to devote significant time to completing several book projects, and in one of those I plan to include a foreword on the topic of characteristics that make and define great horn players. The list will be more fully fleshed out later, but I thought it would be a good idea […]

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Mellophone Reality Show: DCI Horn Cam 2013


One part of the horn world we like to peek into periodically at Horn Matters is the mellophone world. The DCI season just ended and I was very intrigued by this reality video, produced by DCI, of the 2013 Carolina Crown victory encore. The video was posted on Aug 11, 2013 and as noted on YouTube you […]

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