Random Monday: Better Late than Never


Last week I took a road trip to New Mexico in order to take care of some business, and also to get some work done on my horn. Regular readers might remember that a few years ago, I had some custom work done on my old Yamaha, and that I was tremendously happy with the […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

A Mouthpiece Story and a Favorite Horn Ensemble Work


Two short items from ASU horn life last week are the focus today. Brahms will conclude, but first up, I was reminded this week how easy it can be to be fooled by preconceived notions what the problem could be. Without giving away brands and models at all, a student had perplexing problems in the […]

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Hornmasters Extra: Harry Berv


Working on the articles that became the “Hornmasters” series in Horn Matters, one name and method that had been unfamiliar to me was that of Harry Berv. Just a few days ago a fascinating remembrance of Berv by a former student was posted, and to begin, I highly recommend reading this article! It is a […]

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Mailbag: Can I use a Single F to Practice Natural Horn?

A question I have been asked a number of times is along the general lines of can I use a single F horn to practice natural horn? Or, alternately, can I have the valves removed from a single F and use that as a natural horn? The answer is yes, but with some major qualifications: […]

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On Testing a New or Used French Horn


One topic that comes up often is that of testing new and used horns, a good topic and one I have not written about in any depth. Before I get to my thoughts though, there is a two part article by Bruce Hembd on the topic in Horn Matters, it starts here and is well […]

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Random Monday: Giving, Receiving and Taking Away

Araya - Siegfried

Rather than break the pattern of past history, I decided instead to resume the “Random” series back to the semi-traditional day of Monday. Here is what is out there: * * * Fund raising for a donation drive A well-known freelancer in the Chicago area needs your help. The financial burden of Stage Two cancer […]

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Hornist Motivations: Bucket Lists, etc.


A post yesterday on the Hornisten der Berliner Philharmoniker Facebook page brought to mind a point worth making about motivations for horn players. The specific post was a short video of a third horn excerpt from Gurrelieder by Schoenberg. This is a work that has long been on my bucket list. Gurrelieder, for those unaware, is a […]

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