Review: The Kelly MDC in Lexan


In late 2012 I posted a review which I titled The Surprising Kelly MC Lexan Mouthpiece. Since that review was completed I have given the Kelly MC two extended trials and that review is updated further. But the MC is not their only Lexan (plastic) mouthpiece model, the other one presently on the market is their […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

Eroica (2003), Natural Horns and More!


It is amazing how much is out there now on YouTube. This week a student pointed me toward a great find, Beethoven’s Eroica, a 2003 BBC movie. Featuring music performed on period instruments by the Orchestre Revolutionnaire et Romantique (conducted by John Eliot Gardiner), the movie depicts the day of the first, private performance of […]

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On Mouthpieces and Metal Allergies


Of all the horn playing topics out there perhaps the most under reported and significant could well be the topic of metal allergies and mouthpieces. The longer I teach the more I recognize that many more horn (and brass) players have issues with this than one would guess. Backing up, in late 2012 I posted […]

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Interview: Rose French and Developing a Career in Music

Featured today is Dr. Rose French, a very active performer and teacher here in the Phoenix area. Now more than ever you need to not only play horn well but be entrepreneurial and take full advantage of the opportunities you have. JE: Starting with today, where do you perform, where do you teach? RF: Besides […]

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Of Books, Recordings, and Other Updates

The ball is rolling for 2014! After the break for the holidays things get busy, and this is a good time to update a variety of topics. First up, I am pleased to announce the hard copy version of the second edition of Introducing the Horn is finally available! This has been out in E-book format […]

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Top 14 for 2013


To close out the year for Horn Matters, we do check the stats and the below are the top 14 articles or pages on the site for 2013. Traffic has been good and the number one article was viewed over 10,000 times! The titles are fairly self-explanatory — click on any of the links below […]

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Holiday Break Thoughts


The topic of what to do over the winter break is always a topic with motivated horn players. School is winding down for most students and there are still a few weekends that are typically heavy with gigs. Myself, this year I am through with school and gigs a bit earlier than normal, with my […]

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