Rethinking the Warm-Up


At an extreme, warm-up routines come in two flavors: etched in granite, or free-form. This past weekend at Arizona State we hosted Prof. Jeffrey Agrell of the University of Iowa for a horn day event. One topic area that came up was warming-up, in the session he titled “Warm-Ups: Horn Math: a New Look at […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

Horn Matters Guide to the Final Four, 2014 edition


Basketball can be predicted through horn professors! April 5 there are two games. The first game is Florida against Connecticut, which would pit Paul Basler against Robert Hoyle. I have nothing against Hoyle, but Basler is such a triple threat as a horn player, teacher, and composer that I have to give Florida the win by […]

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Warm-Up with Drone > Tuner


Which is better, warming up with drone pitches from a pitch generator or watching a tuner? If you have the time and location to do so drone pitches are superior. I have went though phases on this over years of playing. Right now my practice is centered around a trio recording project with my colleagues […]

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Annie Bosler on Dealing with Nerves & Performance Anxiety


Nerves, performance anxiety, and peak performance are topics of particular interest to hornists. I was just pointed to a new video presentation on this topic from hornist Annie Bosler. Bosler is the maker of the great 1M1: HOLLYWOOD HORNS OF THE GOLDEN YEARS movie which has been shown at several horn workshops (movie website here, […]

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The Top 9 Horn Excerpts for High School Study


A question was posted last night in the Horn People group about the top horn excerpts for study by high school students. It quickly received a variety of answers, some great, some a bit off track. The correct answer would be one driven by a survey of the horn audition requirements for top level music […]

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Where to Go Try New and Used Horns

There is a point when a more advanced horn player really needs a more advanced horn to keep progress going forward. That point is when you really need to try some horns. And that point is also the point where, for many, there are no great local options to try horns. There are basically two […]

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A Wagner Tuba Mouthpiece


Sticking with the general topic of the article last week, the Wagner tuba, today we have an oddity, a Wagner tuba mouthpiece. Exhibit “A” is this Mirafone Decker model T Wagner tuba mouthpiece from the 1980s. It is solid nickel silver (which is somewhat unique in itself–it is not plated) and very cool looking, turned to look […]

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