All in the High F Family

One thing perhaps not obvious from my recent mellophone posts is I am actually very familiar with the high F tube length, as I have for the past three years been working on large project related to high horn playing, descant, and triple horns, which has included several workshop presentations. Mellophones are a part of […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

Is a Heavy Mouthpiece Better?

A blog reader, a high school student, wrote in after reading the recent mellophone mouthpiece series asking about heavy mouthpieces. Are they better? The question was in reference to the IYM heavy mouthpieces, available for a number of brass instruments including horn and mellophone. I have experimented with weight a good bit. First the obvious; […]

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What is a Good Tone on a Mellophone?

Here is a topic that you won’t see often in a horn blog—tone on the mellophone. I have a very clear idea of what a good horn tone is. A big part of my horn teaching is working with students to develop their best sound. One important element of tone production is mouthpiece selection. The […]

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Mellophone Mouthpiece FAQ

Ummm…mellophone mouthpieces? Funny how jet lag can just hit you. I thought I was doing well from the travel back from Taiwan, then, wham! Last night, instead of sleeping, I spent quite a while thinking about mellophone mouthpieces. Besides also doing an update on my list of suggested horns and mouthpieces in my studio site […]

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Why to not Rely on the Wikipedia, or You Can Put Anything on the Internet

This afternoon I had a bit of extra time and was searching for links to my writings on the Internet. And I hit unexpected pay dirt in the Wikipedia. More than 2/3 of the content of the article on Franz Karl Kruspe is copied directly from my article on the history of the double horn. […]

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Ericson in Shanghai

As I write I am back in Taiwan after a week in Shanghai. A most interesting week, which we started arranging late last summer when we met several younger faculty members from the Shanghai Conservatory. What was ultimately arranged for me was a series of five master classes and a solo recital. I heard a […]

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Working out the Low Range

In two very recent posts I wrote about how in my teaching this past week in Taiwan I had mentioned air and hand position issues quite often. A third popular topic is the low range. Low range work is critical to playing with a great tone. In the warm up you want to include plenty […]

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