Physician, Heal Thyself: Part III – Recording Devices

A recording device “pops the bubble” and keeps you in check. In Part I of this series, the topic was the metronome and its usage. In Part II, intonation and the electronic tuner is examined. In Part II, the topic was the tuner: its dual functions and uses for tempered intonation. In Part III, recording […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

Feeling a Little Flat Lately?

One thing I think many horn players don’t much take into account is the change of seasons on the pitch level of their instrument. The weather has broken in Arizona. It is great outside but right now the inside of our house is fifteen degrees cooler than we kept it over the summer. In terms […]

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RIP Horn Players’ FAQ

As many know, a classic horn site, The Horn Players’ FAQ, is no longer. It was active from 1995 until July of 2007 and when launched it was an extremely useful resource for horn players. Ron Boerger wrote in the farewell note posted there that When this FAQ was created, it represented the only widely-used […]

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Another Way to Improve Your Instrument

College students all across the United States have performance exams coming right up, and there are always auditions and performances on the horizon. A better instrument can help you have a better performance. There is a very inexpensive way to improve the one you own today! It is called cleaning your horn. While I have […]

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How did you Write Four Books in One Year??

As my Dad used to say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. As indicated in the prior posts on the new books, I have been working on all four of the initial publications by Horn Notes Edition for several years. All of them were taking shape in some form by the time I was first […]

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Background on A Mello Catechism

During the summer of 2007 I found myself in a very unique position; newly tenured, launching a new publishing venture, teaching at a school that was making big changes in the marching band, with a controversial topic that certainly needed written about. My background as a horn teacher and student of horn history came in […]

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Background on Introducing the Horn

To continue my series on my initial publications, the third project I started on was Introducing the Horn: Essentials for New Hornists and Their Teachers. In this book I attempt to cover in one volume the range of performance-related topics that are the most essential in giving a new hornist a good start. The ideal […]

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