One Reason Why We Work on Maxime-Alphonse

Tonight I had a rehearsal with the ASU Faculty Woodwind Quintet, the first rehearsal of a piece we are performing in a few weeks, the Quintet by Jean Francaix. Especially tonight I thought to myself this is why we work on Maxime-Alphonse book V, to play pieces like this well. It is mostly written in […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

My Favorite Horn Recording

A couple days ago I was asked what my favorite horn recording was. This was easy to answer. I still remember buying the record as an undergrad about 1981 at Musicland in a mall in Topeka, KS. The recording is Original Instruments Horn by Hermann Baumann, a Telefunken LP. Partially it is just great playing […]

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C-sharp Should be One of your Best Notes

Intonation is always a topic among hornists. One note I listen for carefully is C-sharp, third space. This should be a great note; often it is not. The C just below this note (fourth space) should be one of your very best notes; no valve slide compromise settings are involved, and it is a good […]

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Horn Players Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins

Horn soloist and composer Lawrence Lowe was in Tempe yesterday, where he performed two solos (the “traditional version” of the Mozart Concert Rondo [without the sixty newly discovered bars] and the third movement of his Sonata No. 1 for horn) with the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble (a community group) and presented a version of his […]

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Professors who Blog

Today in the Arizona Republic one of the front page articles is on professors who blog, “Professors braving frontiers of Web to expand class reach.” I was actually contacted by the reporter as a part of her research. I believe this blog was not quite what she was looking for as an example as it […]

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Improve Left Hand Comfort with a Strap or Flipper

Today I posted an article on the IHS website, an “online exclusive,” “Median and Ulnar Neuropathies in University Brass Players.” The article is somewhat medical reading but in short relates to carpal tunnel syndrome and other related stresses. The observation I would add is as a horn teacher I have seen quite a few students […]

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Mouthpiece Trial FAQ

You have been trying mouthpieces lately? Yes, the post last week is correct, I am trying mouthpieces, and over the years I have tried lots and lots of mouthpieces. I have noticed there are two categories of players, those that won’t even try a new mouthpiece unless they have a couple months off to try […]

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