Doug Hall, a Vintage Knopf Horn, and a Horn Convention


San Diego Symphony hornist Doug Hall is hosting a regional horn workshop next weekend, but his name is also in the news if you read The Horn Call. On page 46 of  the May, 2014 issue is an article titled “Doug Hall’s ‘Pay it Forward’ Gift to a Young Horn Player” by David Axelson. It was of […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

On Recording a Brass Trio CD


Besides the normal things that keep horn professors very busy at the end of a semester I have, with my ASU colleagues Douglas Yeo and Deanna Swoboda, been recording a CD of brass trios. For me this is a “comeback” CD of sorts, as my most recent CD came out in 2005, my Canto CD […]

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On Tweaking the Thumb Valve Position


As noted in a very recent article, I have several horns I can and do use regularly. One common adjustment made on horns is to add “dimes” to the valve levers, to meet your fingers better (more here).  But you also have a thumb. Going back to the triple again for a recording project I […]

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On Calculating Timings of Works of Music


I am working toward a trio recording project now, and as a part of planning for that I needed to come up with timings for a number of works that we did not have recordings of. There will be three brand new works included on the recording and a number of works and arrangements that have not […]

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On the Horn Parts in the Scherzo of Mahler 5


One of the great orchestral works featuring the horn is the Symphony No. 5 of Mahler. The full work itself has six horn parts. However, the Scherzo movement only has five horn parts, divided as follows in the score:   I actually wrote a paper about Mahler 5 as an undergrad (a great topic!) and […]

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On Choices of Horns


This past few months has been productive and interesting in terms of practice and equipment. Two things drove this. One was being forced to change mouthpieces due to allergic sensitivity (more here). The other is an upcoming recording project. I had settled in and was playing for a couple years a horn that is comparable […]

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Rethinking the Warm-Up


At an extreme, warm-up routines come in two flavors: etched in granite, or free-form. This past weekend at Arizona State we hosted Prof. Jeffrey Agrell of the University of Iowa for a horn day event. One topic area that came up was warming-up, in the session he titled “Warm-Ups: Horn Math: a New Look at […]

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