Mellophone Reality Show: DCI Horn Cam 2013


One part of the horn world we like to peek into periodically at Horn Matters is the mellophone world. The DCI season just ended and I was very intrigued by this reality video, produced by DCI, of the 2013 Carolina Crown victory encore. The video was posted on Aug 11, 2013 and as noted on YouTube you […]

You Should Go! And a Quick Guide to IHS Memphis

With the International Horn Symposium coming at the end of this month in Memphis it is time for our quick Horn Matters guide to the event. First though, if you are on the fence about going, GO! There is wall to wall horn every single day and you will find even just one day there […]

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Technique builder: Take the Clarke 120 Challenge


Back last year I posted a technique packet PDF, and among the exercises it contains a version of the Clarke second study, a Classic exercise which passed into the public domain recently. I have used this exercise for years but have at times left it for periods of time. I realized as I was getting […]

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Epstein on the Horn and Summer Vacation


Eli Epstein, besides publishing a new book on horn playing, also has started answering reader questions on his Facebook page. His first post was on the topic of summer vacation, and he offered it to Horn Matters readers as a follow-up article to the interview recently posted.  Since summer is almost here, students often ask […]

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Interview: Kovach on Triple Horns. Part III, a Horn is Born


JE: Can you share a bit about your other horns in general and what it was that you were looking for to directly achieve in the new Patterson model? GK: That really is at the heart of this entire project and how it started. When I first met Jim it was to adjust some issues […]

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Interview: Kovach on Triple Horns. Part II, Goals


JE: Some specific things I like just looking at the new model are the location of the high-F tuning and also the hollow rotors and overall weight. GK: Not only High F, but a dedicated Bb, and F and a dual F/Bb. All three sides can have their own main tuning slide. Which means less […]

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Interview: Kovach on Triple Horns. Part I, the Search


Patterson Hornworks has introduced a new triple horn, and their initial newsletter report tells us  This triple horn is a culmination of a 2-year project requested by Gabriel Kovach, principal horn of the Phoenix Symphony. Gabe has owned 4 triple horns and gave us valuable feedback on the weaknesses of each of their designs. Our […]

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