Clevenger on How Many Auditions, and How Many it Took Me


The horn world has been abuzz for the past few weeks with the retirement of Dale Clevenger from the Chicago Symphony, who served as Principal Horn from 1966-2013. Of the interesting links and articles I have seen among the more interesting to me was a by a retired psychologist in Chicago, Gerald Stein. He is […]

Siegfried's Call - Close the Gap

A 1982 Horn Right Hand Position Survey: Part I, The Basics


I will be presenting three sessions at the upcoming IHS International Horn Symposium, and the next three weeks I plan to spend a week focusing on each to prepare them all. First up on my agenda is a survey on right hand position. Back in 1982 one of my predecessors at Arizona State University Ralph […]

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In Praise of the Olds F Alto


Annually our church has a retreat over Memorial Day weekend up at a camp in the mountains near Prescott. Most years I have brought along a mellophone for praise band duties. However, this year I decided to take along a slightly more compact Olds F alto. This instrument is similar to an Altonium (described here) […]

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Why go to the IHS Symposium? Check out the Sessions and Master Classes


As part of a cleaning project at home I stumbled across my folder from the 1983 International Horn Workshop in Charleston, IL. It occurred between the junior and senior years of my college study (I was then a student at a small college in Kansas) and it was one of those inspirational life events that […]

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Letters from my Teachers


Since the end of school I have been working on a major cleaning project at home, time to get rid of some things and get reorganized. Among the projects accomplished was reducing and repacking better some stored boxes of letters. I reduced the total volume by about a third (junk mail? cancelled checks?) but did […]

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Why You Might Need Dimes

horn 001

A few months ago I helped a student with small hands put vintage dimes on their horn. What she said in a note a week later is really all that needs to be said on the topic: Just so you know, those dimes on my horn are amazing! It’s so weird to actually be able […]

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Verne Reynolds, Gardener

blogs 002

One way to know someone is by their hobbies. The name of Verne Reynolds should be familiar to Horn Matters readers, as Bruce and I both studied with him at Eastman and he was not only the long-time horn professor there but also a composer of some note. I have a few personal reflections here […]

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