You didn’t study Maxime-Alphonse?


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The two first posts featured memes related to Maxime-Alphonse,** the etude book series in six volumes, and the first comment made there brought up an interesting point.

The commenter relayed how they made it through three different music schools in horn but had never studied any Maxime-Alphonse etudes. To this I had several first reactions.

  1. Your horn teachers really let you down! This is like saying you never studied Strauss 1 or Mozart 3 or Tchaik 5. But then again, not knowing you or the teachers,
  2. perhaps the teachers felt you had all the skills you might gain from study of Maxime-Alphonse, and
  3. you really should explore them now for fun and to challenge yourself.

No player is so good that they won’t find book six a challenge! More on how to use book six here.

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I’d be remiss to not also link an article with one of my favorite titles ever, Maxime-Alphonse, International Man of Mystery. A follow-up post is linked from there with more information on the author of these etudes, Jean Marie Maximin François Alphonse.

**Credit my ASU student Cora for inspiring the first meme, and Bruce Hembd for the second one in this article.

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