A student remembers Franz Strauss


Recently I was asked about the source of a great quote from the last student of Franz Strauss. Having made a solo CD of his music back in 2003, I have an affinity for his music. Below is an example of a work of his that you may not know, one that should be performed more, Empfindungenam Meere [Seaside Impressions], Op. 12.

Back to the quote question, I first thought I could find the source in my dissertation, but it was not there so I had to dig a bit. It was published in an article in The Horn Call Vol. 2 No. 2 (May, 1972) and is in a translation by Bernhard Bruechle of an article by Franz Trenner, “Der Vater: Franz Strauss” from the Neuen Zeitschrift fuer Musik, Jahrgang 1955. There we read,

When making music, Strauss was always an educator. And this ability was important to his mastership at the Academy. His last student, Hermann Tuckermann, who was sent to him by his favorite student, Bruno Hoyer, tells: “The method of Franz Strauss is first of all to emphasize tone quality. He always said: “Only by sustaining tones and by interval studies can you achieve a noble tone.” Therefore each lesson began with tonal exercises. With his students he worked through the horn concertos, and the important parts from opera and concert literature. He never accepted a fee for his lessons. His main interest was to impart his experience and skill to hornists.”

One gets the sense that Trenner talked with Tuckermann to get this remembrance of Franz Strauss. A great insight into the teaching of a giant of the horn in the nineteenth century.

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