Brief review: Duet Kopprasch by Jeffrey Agrell


Continuing with his Millennium Kopprasch series, the latest installment from Jeffrey Agrell is Duet Kopprasch.

Stepping back a second, I believe many people have imagined duet parts to Kopprasch over the years. I know I have, and I will occasionally improvise them with students in lessons. I have even thought about writing them out, taking a cue from several trombone publications of harmony lines for the Bordogni vocaleses, but have never taken that step. As far as I am aware, there are no published harmony lines for Kopprasch etudes.

What Agrell has done with this publication is take that step, write out and publish an approach to the idea of making these famous etudes into duets.

Speaking generally each part gets the original etude material in short segments, with the melody going back and forth between each part. When not playing the melody each player is playing a harmony part either above or below the melody.

Of the series published to date, this one is the most fun. It has applications in lesson teaching, but also just for playing for fun (!) and improvement with friends. (Horn playing can be fun!). More about the book may be found in this dedicated website:

From playing these in a few lessons I do have one final note. We tend to teach Kopprasch, at least in part, not as music, but rather as exercises specifically to develop short articulations and dynamic control. With this version, playing together, you will likely play the familiar tunes in a more natural, melodic manner. It opens up the content in a new way to be sure.

As with the rest of this series, they are very affordably priced at $9.99 in hard copy and $6.99 for Kindle, and available from Amazon.

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