Where to get printable horn excerpts


One thing I have heard mentioned more than a few times recently are issues with printing excerpts from Hornexcerpts.org. There is no “printable” version generated by the site (there used to be, but not for several years), the default version if you print from the site the music is too small. The best way to print them is to open the images of the music in a new tab on a computer, copy the images, and paste them into a Word document — multiple steps that are not always practical to do.

The central issue is that these excerpts are jpg images, not PDF files. Fortunately, there are several good online sources for PDF excerpts. Right here on Horn Matters for example we have a large library of complete parts and our three-volume excerpt E-book. These are all PDF files, and may be accessed here:

Another site that has observed the same printing problem and has made improvements is the Horn Opera Project. I interviewed the site creator Ericka Grodrian in 2016 (more here), and updating that, she reported on Twitter and Facebook on September 23 —

Big news! The @HornOpProject excerpts have been reformatted for easier printing and digital downloads! For those who use forScore on iPad, check out these quick steps to import the excerpts into the app. Happy Practicing!

The tweet provided the following instructions:

  • Click on excerpt to open in new window
  • Open in Safari
  • Create PDF
  • Copy PDF into forScore
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The Horn Opera Website is here.

For those not familiar, in the note she mentions forScore. This is a popular app for reading and managing music PDF files and well worth looking into for iPad users.

And to close, of course, you can still use physical excerpt books! From my article on excerpt books,

… I recommend to my students most highly the Anthology of French Horn Music by Moore and Ettore, published by Mel Bay. The Anthology is to be especially noted for not only presenting well thought out and laid out excerpts, but for also giving good solid suggested metronome markings and other tips for every work, information that is alone well worth the cost of the volume. The only major shortcoming is that this publication has no Shostakovich, Strauss, Mahler, or Wagner excerpts.

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