Introducing the Horn Notes Podcast


Those following Horn Matters for a few years know that there are a group of videos on YouTube related to posts in Horn Matters. The original idea was to develop a series of videos — the channel is HornmattersTV — but most of what has actually been posted there are episodes of the Horn Notes Video Podcast. Some have live video included, but mostly they are audio with still pictures related to the topic at hand. All 24 episodes may be found here:

The series has accumulated some views, but not quite what was hoped. Part of the problem was my low interest in video editing, so visually they are not as exciting as they should be. But also, they were not available to their natural market. Podcast fans are looking for actual podcasts that you can download from iTunes and listen to as audio, not videos.

Realizing that, I also saw that many of the video episodes would be suited to present again as straight podcasts. Those are now being converted to podcast episodes which you can download and listen to basically any way you wish to access podcasts. The main podcast page is located here:

As of now the first six of the podcast episodes are up and are also available on iTunes, etc. The rest of the existing video podcasts will roll out over the coming months at a rate of about four a month, with the plan being to add an occasional new podcast as well as part of the mix.

The initial result of the change is it appears there will be many more downloads overall. If that trend holds up be watching for more new episodes!

Check them out, they are generally under 15 minutes long and cover a wide variety of topics, perfect for listening to when running, driving, working, etc.

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